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Lorraine:  lovely, smart, sings like out of this world

Len:  loves to be pickin and grinnin

Paul:  loves banging the drums all day

Tony:  loopy, needs to tie his shoes a little tighter

Chesapeake Music Guide review - April 2008

Who is "24 Karat Rock" you ask? Well... "Imagine Dido’s birthday party being crashed by Jefferson Airplane, No Doubt and Mountain. Or "Born to Be Wild" era Steppenwolf refereeing a battle between Missing Persons, Green Day, Ashlee Simpson, Beatles and the Ramones. That’s 24 Karat Rock. Hard to figure out? Yep, but it works well. They are diverse, butt shakin’ and fresh. The leader of this band of gypsies is an excellent guitarist by the name of Lenny who wanders around the crowd brandishing his musical skills over wireless guitar like a rockin mariachi about to lay you flat with another great screaming riff. Paul is the longtime drummer who performed in a number of Maryland bands and is the newest addition to 24k. He is lovingly referred to as "the Machine" since he can find just the right beat to anything Tony and Len throw at him and enjoys smashing the daylights out of his cymbals. Yeah, he breaks them.

Singer, Lorraine also known as “Mistress M” was busy singing in some acoustic acts for a few years. When Lenny heard her singing in a club one night, he decided she had to be in the band. Her quiet off-stage persona is shattered as soon as she steps onstage and starts singing and moving to the music. Tony lays down a solid bottom end while dropping in harmonies. Lorraine, Len and Tony trade off singing lead so each song gets its own unique voice and character.
24 Karat Rock is known to give great live performances. 24 Karat Rock has only been around for a short time now and they have gone from 0 to 60 in nothing flat, expanding musically over a broad range of material.

They are ever evolving, unique; and draw from a combination of backgrounds of classic rock, folk, modern rock and a touch of grunge thrown in for good measure. Rich flowing melodies supported with plenty of harmonies; you are also treated to well crafted productions which are admittedly on the light, happy side, but also very moving because you’ll find you just can’t stand still or not sing along when they are playing. They are beginning to make their mark in the Maryland music scene. Keep an eye and ear out for them. Visit their web site at for performance dates, photos and more.

We have been fortunate to play at many great locations and would like to thank those that have helped and support us at:

Strawberry Festival, Cape St. Claire, MD
The Victory Lounge, Pasadena, MD
Remington's of Laurel, Laurel, MD
Kahunas, Hagerstown, MD
Szechuan Inn, Severna Park,  MD
Adams Ribs, Edgewater MD
Broadneck Elks Special Olympics Benefit, Arnold, MD
Perry's Restaurant and Lounge, Odenton, MD
Blobs Park Special Needs Kids Benefit, Jessup, MD
Bella's, Annapolis, MD - Now the Roadhouse
Cheeseburger in Paradise, Pasadena, MD
Middleton Tavern, Annapolis, MD
The Irish Channel, Gambrills, MD
 Summer Park Concerts, Sykesville, MD
The Whiskey Lounge, Annapolis, MD
Judge's Bench Pub, Ellicott City, MD
EJ's Landing, College Park, MD
Baltimore Pride Festival, Baltimore, MD
Sylvester's Saloon, Essex, MD
Club Mates, Baltimore, MD
Hillside Inn, Centreville, MD
SandBagger's Sports Bar, Glen Burnie, MD
Knights of Columbus, College Park, MD
Mangos Bar and Grille, Rose Haven, MD
Johnny Joe's Sports Bar and Grill, PA
Elks Lodges, MD
Brian Boru Pub, Severna Park, MD
Sparta Inn, Sparrows Point, MD
American Legion Post #60, Laurel, MD
Wounded Warrior Benefit, Cape St. Clair, MD
The Shamrock Inn, Balt, MD
Crossroads Tavern, Glen Burnie, MD
The Office, Pasadena, MD